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How to stop hemorrhaging after birth

What if a mother hemorrhages after birth and the midwife isn’t allowed to use medication to stop the bleeding?

I am NOT a Nurse-Midwife and am not licensed, and never have been (my choice). I have had to learn ways to handle emergencies that are unconventional, but work and that is what is important.

If you are ever in an emergency situation and someone you are helping is bleeding too much after the placenta has been delivered, pull off, or cut off, a small piece of the afterbirth and put it under the mother’s tongue.

I find that the placenta stops the heavy bleeding very quickly because the hormone, oxytocin, is abundant in the afterbirth and the blood vessels under the tongue quickly absorb this hormone and start contracting the uterus.

I have stopped some very heavy bleeds using this method. Moms aren’t too thrilled about having a slightly bloody piece of meat in their mouths, but as soon as the uterus is firm again, they spit it out and wipe the blood off their mouths.

They are happy with the fact that they have stopped bleeding.

I also massage the uterus by placing my hand on top of the mother’s belly where the fundus (fundus is the name of the top part of the womb) is located and with a circular motion tickle the uterus firmly (never push on it the way they do in hospitals) until it begins to contract. Both this action and the hormone from the placenta can work miracles.

Give the mother plenty of liquids with electrolytes to drink to help her make up for the loss of blood.

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