What if what you've been taught about labor & birth is all wrong?

August 27, 2018


When you build a house, a strong foundation is essential to making the house strong- if it's built on a weak foundation, it will crumble and fall more easily! 

The current fads of hypnotized birthing, water births, spinning babies, "hands-off" midwifery practices, and Free birth (birthing alone without a midwife or doctor) is the end result of a now proven to be wrong rule established by the medical profession in the 1950's.  This rule is what I call "The Rule of Ten"...a laboring woman must NEVER push until she is 10 cm's dilated because if she does, she will rupture her cervix (the gateway to and from the womb), pulverize it (you've got to be kidding me), hemorrhage, and/or kill her unborn baby, cause her cervix to swell, delaying labor & birth.

Most doctors, nurses, midwives, & childbirth educators believe this to be the truth.

I have learned through observation and experience with thousands of women that "The Rule of Ten" is majorly incorrect and have been saying so for over 40 years. However, I am a midwife, not a scientist, therefore what I say has very little validity in the eyes of the medical profession because what I have felt with my fingers, they want proven under a microscope. 

Okay- On October 20, 2003, an article was published in the Journal of Anatomy, Volume 203, Issue 4, pages 405-418 called HOW TO MEASURE THE INCREASE IN ELASTIC SYSTEM FIBRES IN THE LAMINA PROPRIA OF THE UTERINE CERVIX OF PREGNANT RATS.

Before you dismiss this article because it was done on rats, keep in mind that the cervix (gateway) of the monkey, rat, and human mother are all made of the same material and it is NOT muscle like we've all been taught forever. It's connective tissue. The cervix has very few muscle cells, unlike the body of the uterus (womb), which is mostly all smooth muscle.

If you want to know more, you can purchase my book called Gatekeeper Between the Worlds, available on this website.

Just one more tidbit of information here- the cervix is actually elastic, not a muscle, therefore it will not tear if a laboring mother pushes before 10 centimeters. My hands knew this a long time ago, now the doctors know it because their scientists said so. The only problem is that most doctors don't read their medical journals. They have progressed a little bit though in changing their minds about labor. They say active labor now starts at 6 cm's, not at 3-4. BUT, they're still missing the mark- at 6 cm's labor is almost over.


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