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Dearest Lydi

My husband and I were prepared to bring forth our first child into the world after trying for 2 years. We were so excited. However, it was very tough to find a midwife whom we were satisfied with. After going through two other midwifes (very sweet ladies, nothing against them personally) we found Lydi!!!!

She blew everyone out of the water. She revolutionized our experience with midwifery and now we will never use anyone else!

A friend brought her to our attention and so we set up an interview. All I knew is that a 69 year old lady would be coming to the interview. I fully expected a very somber, tired, but wise individual to come walking through the door when the bell rang. BOY WAS I MISTAKEN!!!!

As soon as we opened the door, there is tall blonde, blue eyed, bombshell Lydi standing with an inviting energetic bright smile, a pencil skirt, heels and a suite case in hand.

Her energy was high and she was exploding with personality - anything but what I had pictured, except of course for the wisdom part, which she overfloweth in that department.

She sat down promptly on our love seat in front of my husband and I, whipped up her suite case, pulled out diagrams and charts and gave us an hour presentation of what she could do. Can you say Dr. Lydi? I think so!!!

Lydi called me every week to check up on me, especially since I was so sick. She gave me natural remedies and advice on what I could do to be in optimal health. Her advice ALWAYS worked. I've never been able to say that about anyone. Lydi is VERY WISE! And she always gives credit to God.

At every prenatal, I really felt that I was being very well taken care of. She always checked my blood and would give me exams and see how the baby was doing.

When it came time for birth (I was previously going to do a water birth, but did not do that because Lydi let me know that water birthing is extremely dangerous!) I went into labor on my due date and 11 hours later gave birth to my little princess Emma Sparrow!

I want to especially thank Lydi for how she helped me during my labor. She was that strong, sober voice I needed. She guided me fully through every contraction, she comforted me (as a doula would) and brought her assistant to whom I have become very good friends.

I did not tare, I did not bleed badly. I do not trust anyone but her after having had her. She is the best. Although we have moved out of Las Vegas to Nashville - we will be forever flying her out at every birth!

Thank you so much Lydi!!!!! Words really cannot express my joy of having had the privledge of having the best midwife America can ask for!

Sincerely grateful, Ajay and Chassidy Koleth

p.s. two years later, when we moved out of state accross the country to Nashville. We flew Lydi out and she delivered our second child Rachael Eden

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