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Dear Lydi

I am the mother of 7 children. My first birth was an emergency cesarean. I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and had to deliver 2 months premature. My second child was born in the hospital naturally. It was a horrible experience and I felt so humiliated by both the doctors and the nurses. I left the hospital feeling berated and embarrassed by how I was treated and how my husband was treated. I was uncomfortable and afraid to do anything, including moving to make myself more comfortable.

Needless to say, my first two births were dramatic, one being an emergency c-section and the other totally devoid of compassion for something that should be a beautiful and joyful moment in two parents' lives. I decided never to go through that kind of experience again. I felt nothing could be as bad as what I went through in the hospital, and since I am not a fan of I.V's, among other things done at the hospital, a home birth seemed exactly what I was searching for.

Some friends of mine recommended Lydi. So, with my third pregnancy, after talking with her and asking various questions, I felt with every fiber of my being and soul that this is how I am to deliver my babies. Five out of my 7 children were home births.

I cannot use enough positive and beautiful words to describe the most beautiful and amazing experiences I had giving birth to my babies at home with Lydi. I was relaxed, calm, and felt completely involved with what was going on during all phases of the births. My husband was included in every stage of the process.

The home birth experience was absolutely incredible and amazing. I had so much regret for having my second baby in the hospital. The pure joy I felt after having my other children at home is irreplaceable. The ease of giving birth and the lack of pain and restriction involved cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

Lydi kept me informed with everything that was going on with my body and what she was doing. She did not talk above me or tell me to be quiet and just do what she says.

The complete relaxation I felt throughout the whole process was amazing and is exactly why my home births were very easy with a fast recovery.

One of the best parts for me during labor was the fact that I was able to push just a little with each contraction. The ease and freedom I was able to experience by doing this was so liberating. Once my water broke, it was not more than three contractions when the baby was born and cradled in my arms.

AMAZING!! It was one of the most surreal and joyous moments of my life! Lydi was a blessing in my life, my husband's life, and most importantly, in my children's lives. The connection I have with my children is a direct result of how they were birthed.

The ability to relax and be comfortable and to be respected as a woman makes the PowerBirth Principle amazing and for that I will always be grateful for Lydi, her knowledge, and the compassion she shows towards the mother and the baby!

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